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    Introduction to 209 Squadron RAF

    The 209 virtual Squadron was founded, in December of 1997, by Colonel Gweetar. It is one of the oldest Allied Squadrons in World War I game simulations, with a tradition of comradeship, community service, and overall excellence. In 2009 the RAF began its move into IL2 as the Red Baron community finally collapsed, and is still looking for a home in another WW 1 based sim, while establishing itself in the IL2 community at many levels from participation in combat, modding, and server operation. The falling eagle depicted in the Squadron logo represents the 209's successful downing of Baron Manfred von Richtofen. Members of the 209 Squadron are expected to embody the selfless spirit of the aviators of the Great War, and uphold the honour of the historic RAF 209 Squadron..


    The 209 Squadron organization is based upon the official rank structure of the actual RAF. It is to be understood that No. 209 Squadron is primarily a WW 1 oriented online squadron. The Headquarters Section is composed of a Commanding Officer (CO) who is chosen by the Squadron, or by line of succession. The CO chooses his Executive Officer (XO), Adjutant (ADJ). No. 209 Squadron is divided into two flights, Alpha Flight ( Fighter Flight) and Bravo (Ground Attack Flight). The Flight Leader positions will be divided between the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer, however this may be subject to change at the war briefing, due to availability. Each flight has it's own special role, however all pilots are encouraged to cross-train in case they are called upon to act in another capacity. Any pilot of the RAF may be assigned as Flight Leader as the situation deems necessary. All members are encouraged to take an active role in preparing and being prepared to lead.

    Clerk of Commendations (CoC) ensure that all pilots receive appropriate awards and that records of awards are accurately maintained. .

    Web Master and Forum Administrators (WM/FA) maintain the 209 Squadron website and forums.

    History & Records Officer (HRO) maintains the historical information and records of the 209 Squadron.

    New recruit will be required to wear the rank of Flight Sergeant until HQ determines his or her readiness for the Squadron. This probationary period will allow us to determine which pilots best fit the RAF 209 Squadron. In addition to this processing of new recruits, RAF pilots that return from the 'Retired Members' list will be subject to a one month renewal period as well. Lower Ranks are determined by Time of Service and Acheivement, while upper ranks are reserved for members of the HQ, when a pilot is no longer a member of HQ then said pilot will be returned to lower officer ranks..
    Ranks in order of precedence are:

    Warrant Officer (WWI) Flight Sergeant (WWII)

    2nd Lieutenant (WWI) Pilot Officer (WWII)

    1st Lieutenant (WWI) Flying Officer (WWII)

    Captain (WWI) Flight Lieutenant (WWII)

    Major (WWI) Squadron Leader (XO/Adj) (WWII)

    Lt. Colonel (WWI) Wing Commander (CO) (WWII)

    Eligibility for promotion will be reviewed monthly by HQ. In addition, recommendations for promotion can be made by members of the Squadron to HQ. Pilots may receive promotions based upon their participation, knowledge, skills, length of service, leadership, community service, and recommendations by other pilots. For additional information refer to the Promotion Guidelines.

    Duty Badges and Collar Boards

    All 209 pilots are eligible to participate in various Squadron tasks and duties, apart from that of flying. While it is not required, it is highly encouraged and can make for an even more enjoyable and beneficial virtual flying experience. All those who hold specific duty assignments wear collar boards and/or badges particular to their tasks. If a Squadron member is assigned more than one duty, the collar board will represent their primary task, while an additional badge, (or badges), will be attached to the collar board to denote their secondary duties. All Squadron Clerks will have a badge attached to the collar board to denote their specific duty assignment. The 209 Squadron collar boards and badges are as follows:
    Collar Boards

    HQ, Commanding Officer

    HQ, Executive Officer

    HQ, Adjutant

    Squadron Clerks

    Clerk of Commendations

    History & Records Officer

    Web Master and Forum Administrators

    HQ Crest; worn by CO, XO, and ADJ,(located above RAF wings)


    209 pilots may receive awards arising from their actions in wars and squadron activities, or community service. Awards may also arise from recommendations made by other pilots to the CoC. For a complete list of awards and guidelines see the Medals and Awards link.


    Participation is encouraged in all squad activities, since this is what makes it fun for everyone. Real life always comes first however, and all pilots should strive to maintain balance in their real and virtual lives. RAF has members who fly every day, members who fly infrequently, and members who rarely fly but participate in game development and/or administration. RAF also accomodates members who need extended leaves of absence.

    Unless a leave of absence is requested, all pilots shall be considered active. If no contact has been made between the pilot and the squad for an extended period of time, the pilot may be placed on the reserve roster. Active participation is mandatory for promotions, and may include activities such as: participation in the RAF forums, community service, game development, and other activities, in addition to flying.

    Pilots holding the rank of Pilot Officer or above are eligible to participate in tournament events. RAF pilots are expected to be fully prepared in advance for all tournament matches and, if they have not already done so, should read "What to do on War Night" prior to the match. Warrant Officers and Cadets will be assessed by the Training Officers and will be notified when they are cleared to fly in tournament events.

    Practice sessions are held each week and are not mandatory but highly encouraged. All pilots are invited to attend practice. Pilots may request individual training with members of the cadre if they wish to work on specific skills. Refer to the RAF 209 Squadron Training Program for further information.

    Rules of Conduct


    RAF pilots will respect the enjoyment of others when flying, and will comport themselves in a sportsmanlike and honourable fashion, regardless of how others may comport themselves. Subject to server or event rules, RAF pilots must:

    • Salute opponents after every engagement. (S! or ~S~)
    • Refrain from using rockets or incendiaries against other aircraft.
    • Refrain from swearing, taunting, or using abusive chat.
    • Allow opponents to take off and make their first turn before engaging them.
    • Make every effort to avoid collisions with opponents.
    • Promptly 'Refly” to award a kill if you are forced down.
    • Relocate to another server if required.
    • Refrain from posting inflammatory remarks and/or becoming involved in 'Flame Wars' in open servers as well as in any open Flying Forum.

    The Red Baron Community looked to No. 209 Squadron as a model of behavior, (for good or bad), we must still hold ourselves to a higher standard in whatever community we are apart of be it IL 2 based (Wings of War, Flanders, or USL), Canvas Knights, Rise of Flight, Over Flanders Fields, or Cliffs of Dover. Therefore, it is impossible for an RAF pilot to disassociate him or her self from the Squadron when making remarks or comments. Whether in uniform or not, the RAF pilot still represents the Squadron as well as himself in any and all of his or her actions.


    No RAF pilot shall attempt to gain an advantage during play by using cheats, hacks, or undocumented program features.


    No RAF pilot shall test, experiment with, or verify, the feasibility of cheats, hacks, or undocumented program features, nor distribute related information, except with the prior approval of 209 HQ and for the sole purpose of security software development with approved developers.


    Members of 209 Squadron are expected to maintain the confidentiality of the squadron's private information, including, (but not limited to), passwords, e-mail and voice communications, battle plans, and training documents. No 209 pilot shall attempt to access, obtain, or distribute the private or confidential information of another squad.


    Members of 209 Squadron are allowed to have membership in another squad as long at the same time, or to utilize the call letters of another squad as long as said squadron is NOT a combat squadron (Aerobatic, Racing, or Modding Squadrons). It is to be understood that the RAF 209 Squadron is a COMBAT squadron and will be your primary squadron thus taking precedence in scheduling over all other squadron affiliations.
    All new recruits will be subject to review of basic skills, behavior, and commitment before full acceptance into No. 209 Squadron. RAF will not knowingly solicit recruits from other squadrons.


    RAF pilots are encouraged to promote their squadron and their rules of conduct by wearing their RAF call sign at all times, in WW II era planes we will fly using Squadron 209 call letters WQ_ which are also No. 209 Squadrons call letters. In Canvas Knights we will use our appropriate paints as to be designated. Your call signs WW 1 or WW2 will be RAF209_callsign.

    In the event of a dispute, the 209 Squadron will have a Judicial Advocate General (JAG) formally known as Disputes and Resolution Committee set up to resolve any conflicts, within or outside of the squad, that involves a 209 member. The Committee will function independently from HQ Staff and will make recommendations to the Staff based on the information they gather. Any Squadron member has the right to convene the JAG to resolve a conflict.

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