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    Congratulations 209 RAF on Skirmish 44 finish


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    Congratulations 209 RAF on Skirmish 44 finish

    Post  Bedwyr on Tue Nov 18, 2014 8:05 pm

    S! Congratulations to the members of the 209 RAF team in Skirmish 44

    The 209 RAF finished 2nd in their group in Skirmish 44 losing in the final round to FOXEY. Previously the 209 RAF had lost only 1 match throughout the Bravo Tourney and that was due to a technicality.

    Each member of the 14 member team will be receiving 1000 gold coins for their effort.

    This win also completes what has been a very successful year of winning by they 209 RAF which began in October 2013 when two squads of RAFers competed in the NVIDIA/GEFORCE tournament and finished in the playoff rounds and won gold in that tournament as well.

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