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    Attention Clan!!!! We have a stronghold!


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    Attention Clan!!!! We have a stronghold!

    Post  orcsrdabest on Fri Aug 01, 2014 2:42 am

    I have opened up our Clan stronghold. You need to assign yourself to a structure to help build it.

    You can only get resources by playing Skirmishes. No, not the weekly ones but these are more like the company battles.

    I have already built our transportation system to help us build the other structures.

    The three other structures will help us gain more experience and gain more credits in any battle! So sign up!

    Also I cannot open more structures until we have 45 clan members so recruit up!
    Send me the names of people interested and I will send the invites.

    If you want more info I will be on Fri evening for the weekly skirmish. Before and after we will discuss our future plans so get on if you can!


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