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    RANK: Major/CommandingOfficer

    The CO is elected by the full members of the brigade andsquadron to serve a term of 1 year. With Elections to be held at 11thmonth the term.

    The CO is the face of Brigade and Squadron, this means howhe or she behaves on the battlefield and in the forums is a direct reflection on the 209th itself.

    The CO chooses his/her HQ and Staff and also sets the visionwith which the brigade and squadron. TheCO while involved in battleplanning he/she is not the commander on the field.

    The CO is responsible for relations between clans/brigadesas well, as well settling disputes within the group itself.

    The CO should also be someone who is mature inbehavior, over the age 21, and a memberof the group for at least 9 months.


    RANK: CAPTAIN/Company Commander

    The XO is appointed by the CO. He/She is a member ofHeadquarters and is second in command.

    The XO is responsible for battle planning as well as overallbattle calling, unless he/she appoints someone else. The XO is also responsible for overall battlefield readiness of the brigade and squadron as a whole.

    The XO will act as CO in regards to ethics and behavior onthe battlefield.

    The XO also oversees and works with the Operation Officer(OpSO) in performing battle duties.


    RANK: CAPTAIN/Company Commander

    The ADJ is appointed by the CO. He/She is a member of theHeadquarters and is third in command.

    The ADJ is responsible for daily operations of thebrigade/squadron. He/she is responsible for tracking participation of members, as well as readiness for promotion.

    The ADJ is also responsible for reporting to the CO thosemembers who are inactive or need to be removed from the roles.

    The ADJ works with Training Officer and his/her staff to oversee training schedules and how newtankers are progressing in their training.

    The ADJ works with the Recruiting Officer(s) in their goalof finding acceptable new recruits.

    The ADJ works with the Clerk of Commendations to approveappropriate awards for members of the brigade or squadron who have shown exceptional abilities or valour in battle, and service to the group.

    The ADJ also works with the Webmaster in making sure thewebsite is up to date and error free.

    The ADJ is also responsible for settling disputes within thegroup when the CO is unavailable.

    The ADJ and the XOwork together to keep the brigade and squadron running smoothly.


    RANK:1st Lieutenant/ Deputy Commander

    OpSO is appointed by the CO. He/She is a member ofHeadquarters and is fourth in command, accept on the battlefield then the OpSO becomes 2nd in command to the XO.

    The OpSO is often referred to as the “warmonger position.”He/She is responsible for finding campaigns as well as other clans to engage in battle.

    The OpSO also assists the XO in battle planning and may serve as a Battle Caller for secondteam if deamed appropriate by the XO.


    RANK: 2nd Lieutenant/ Deputy Commander

    CTO is responsible for setting up training schedules, makingsure new members are integrated into the life of the brigade and squadron. Making sure that new and old members are ableto work together in combat situations.

    The CTO works closely with the XO in determining thereadiness of new members as well as oldmembers.

    The CTO may also pick persons within the brigade/squadron to act as Assistant Training Officers (ATO)

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