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    Missions I have built for Canvas Knights


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    Missions I have built for Canvas Knights

    Post  Bedwyr on Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:01 pm

    St Mihel Assault, fly with Eddie Rickenbacker and Frank Luke on the opening day of the St. Mihel Offensive. Your flight of SPAD XIIIs is escorting 2 flights of Bristol Fighters to attack a Hun Aerodrome. protect the bombers by knocking down fighters and strafing the field.

    St. Mihel Defence: You will be defending the same drome from the incoming attack, you will be flying with Thuy and von Hipple in Albatross D Vas.


    BTW all you have to do is drop it in the Canvas Knights folder....i made it self guided so even a mean a monkey can do it 😉

    Just a side note there will be more to the St. Mihel saga to come.... Smile

    This new mission allows you to fy as Lt. Bruno Stachel made famous in the movie The Blue Max (1966).

    You will fly in his Pfalz D3A along with squadron mates and engage enemy SE 5As flown by such aces as Mick Mannock and James McCudden.



    September 14, 1918 Verdun Sector the Biggest Aerial Battle of the First World War takes place over the town of St. Mihel. From Sept 12 through Sept 16 500 Germand and 1400 Allied Aircraft fight over the skies of this small French town.

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