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    S! Welcome Swissdictator!!


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    S! Welcome Swissdictator!!

    Post  Bedwyr on Sun Oct 06, 2013 10:02 pm

    S! Welcome Swissdictator pull up a stool at the pub have a pint of Watney's Brew and get to know the lads!!

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    Re: S! Welcome Swissdictator!!

    Post  Swissdictator on Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:46 am

    Greetings! I'm from Wisconsin, and I'm working on my second degree (Computer Science). Also, if you ever randomly hear a bark or growl on teamspeak, it is my miniature schnauzer Loki.

    My introduction to gaming was actually historical wargaming with miniatures via my father. This expanded to the digital realm with games like Civilization 1, X-wing, TIE-Fighter and others. The civ series taught me to be wary of Gandhi lest he nuke you.

    Now I mainly do Warhammer fantasy, Flames of War, and X-wing for miniatures... though I'm building up and ACW stockpile of my own. I love the hobbyist element where I can really go to town with my creations.

    When it comes to World of Tanks, I've found I really enjoy the British tanks, particularly the heavy and medium lines. The Matilda and Churchill I are both 'keepers' long after fully researching them. The Matilda might even be one of my favorite tanks yet. I also love rolling around in a TOG II. For my Brits, I am working on my Centurion and Caernarvon.

    Other non-Brit tanks have me operating the Tiger II, which I really enjoy, and the T-54. I lightly dabble with the Chinese mediums and heavies too.


    I've been involved in the World of Warplanes beta, and I intend to run British and German aircraft, but I don't see myself playing it as much as... having TIE fighter as a template for a flight sim should be, I'd have to admit I'm probably a biased snob that isn't exactly happy with WoWP.

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    Re: S! Welcome Swissdictator!!

    Post  iluvatar751 on Mon Oct 07, 2013 12:00 pm

    welcome Swiss hope you find yourself comfortable here
    im the training officer/recruing here, if you need anything you just need to ask

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    Re: S! Welcome Swissdictator!!

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