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    DarkBlue World and DBW 1916 Downloads


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    DarkBlue World and DBW 1916 Downloads

    Post  Bedwyr on Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:18 am

    Dark Blue World Download

    Dark Blue World 1916 download page

    Word of Advice or suggestion...to make it easier to switch between #DBW and #DBW_1916 you might want to do the following thing...

    I placed the #DBW_1916 folder in the jgsmemods file....I say this because it wont be when you install it...it will go directly into your game folder.

    Once you have the folder placed in the jgsmemods folder...go into the #DBW_1916 folder and make a folder called #DBW

    Then place the entire contents of DBW 1916 file inside the new #DBW file. and then away you go.

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