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    A Disconcerting feeling


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    A Disconcerting feeling

    Post  Bedwyr on Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:09 am

    The other night while the 209 was on its usual Tuesday night foray in our tanks

    We were in an Assault Battle....Osprey was in the lead tank...his venerable Russian T-34, I was following him in a German VK 3001H (the prototype for the Panzer IV), with Beer some where behind us in his own German VK...

    Os and I were rolling ahead leading the column, all of us were chattering back and forth, when it donned on me...Where was Beer? I looked right, I look left, I did a quick spin from over the top.

    Suddenly this really weird creepy feeling, a sense of dread, a reminder of days of old in my fighter crept in...I calmly asked, "Beer where are you?" "I'm right behind you" came the voice back through my headset...

    about that time I saw the muzzle of an 88 mm pass by the back of my turret and cupola..

    I immediatley swung my tank left, while i heard that old familiar laughter.

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