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    Newer WW-1 for IL-2 .Ver. 4.12.2 plus Mod Act 5.3


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    Newer WW-1 for IL-2 .Ver. 4.12.2 plus Mod Act 5.3

    Post  J30<>Vudoux on Sun Oct 07, 2018 4:19 pm

    Here is my IL-2 Plus Mod Act 5.3 WW-1 . I can't download those bloated games SAS makes. My ISP has limits.
    This game is 4.12.2 + ModAct 5.3. Once you have that and it works then copy in the New Mods Folder and test. Your good to go.
    Over the years the WW-1 planes have imporved a lot. I am posting a few pictures for you to see.
    If you have any questions? Please ask.
    Here is what a young man in Russia had to say. He is like myself all the others WW-1 stuff is way to large to down load.

    "What can I say... The game is fantastic! I played the misisons you sent and enjoyed them shooting the enemies! I'm happy! Many thanks to you!  "
       Marat Khamidullin
    Give it a try and I know you will like it......

    1. Update your game to 4.12.2 and MAKE sure it works. Test it .

    2. Install the Mod Act 5.3 . Again test , and retest to make sure everything works and runs smooth.

    3. BACK-UP this install . Make a copy of it and KEEP it in a safe place. I can tell you , you will at some point in time screw it UP.

    4. Remove the SAS mods fold OUT of the game . You can save it if you like. I would.

    5. Remove the SFS_AUTO out of the main game folder - Again save it .

    6. With the files I am sending

       6a - First unzip the #SAS mods  folder into the main game folder

       6b- Now unzip the SFS_AUTO into the main game folder

    7. Start the game and make sure it loads. The first time it takes a little time to load up.

    8. The third file are the skins or paints for all the aircraft. PaintSchemes/ skins <--- main game folder. COPY into the SKINS folder in the main game folder.

    9. KEEP or BACK-UP all these files I am sending. BACK-UP    BACK-UP AND MORE BACK-UP

    That is all there is to it. This my work over a 5 or 6 years of time.   ENJOY.  Give it to your friends if you like.

    [Mods Folder] #SAS<---- this is the mods folder.
    mediafire.com file/zuz0edhx6o8x95x/%23SAS_1-5-18.7z
    [SFS_AUTO] <-----In main folder down near the bottom of the list of folders.
    mediafire.com file/pvn55zoc2oxmo5t/SFS_AUTO.7z
    [Skins]  <-----PaintSchemes / skins <----Under main game folder
    mediafire.com file/bidg24a4u3cdna2/Skins.7z
    [ModAct 5.3]

    [Mega Patch to up date your game to 4.12.2] <----- It is the 5th one down the list.

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    Newer WW-1 for IL-2 .Ver. 4.12.2 plus Mod Act 5.3

    Post  Stanski on Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:30 pm

    Hi Vudoux,

    Really like to give this a try, looks great! But the top link for the mods folder is not working. Sad
    All others no problem.

    Salute! Stan

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    Re: Newer WW-1 for IL-2 .Ver. 4.12.2 plus Mod Act 5.3

    Post  J30<>Vudoux on Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:33 pm

    Shoot me an Email and I can give you the links there..
    I can tell you that you will like it...


    Just now when I clicked my own link there was a pop-up and my computer locked up saying it
    was a virus or Malware ..
    So anyone that wants to try this send me an E-Mail that way I know it is safe.....

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    Re: Newer WW-1 for IL-2 .Ver. 4.12.2 plus Mod Act 5.3

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