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    Post  RAF209_Beer30 on Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:07 pm

    Salute! All.

    We had a good turnout for a first time practice and I expect a turnout for the first Tournament game.
    This is not time to throw in the towel.. We all have other lives and yes, sometimes it takes an effort to make the Wars but in the long haul it can all work.. However, it takes participation to make it so.. We had the same problems when Red Baron was at it's height.
    As far as equipment is concerned. I have no idea of anyones financial situation but Logiteck Extreme Pro Joysticks are not that expensive and sometimes you can surf the Internet and find one cheaper.

    I say we give it time to work, stay positive, keep advertising, and give it a chance.  
    We need another practice before the tournament.


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