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    RAF 209 Squadrons History Page Part 1


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    RAF 209 Squadrons History Page Part 1 Empty RAF 209 Squadrons History Page Part 1

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    Squadron History

    Great War 209 Squadron History

    The 209 Squadron was originally a Naval Squadron called the 9th Naval Squadron. Formed at St Pol, France in February 1917, the 9th Naval Squadron began its existence with a mixture of Sopwith Pups, Sopwith Triplanes, and Nieuport Scouts.

    By June of 1917, it was equipped exclusively with Sopwith Triplanes, and that same month it was attached to the RFC. By September of 1917, it was finally re-equipped with Sopwith Camels, and it operated over the Channel area until March 1918 when it was sent back to France.

    The Royal Air Force was formed on April 1, 1918, and the 9th Squadron became the 209th Squadron, RAF. On the 21st of the month Captain Roy Brown of the squadron was involved in the fight, which ultimately led to the death of the highest scoring pilot of WWI, Baron Manfred von Richthofen, although there is still much debate as to whether he delivered the fatal shot or it was delivered by ground troops. However, whatever is the case, the event is commemorated in the squadron's badge. The emblem of the 209th is an eagle volant recursant descendant in pale, wings overture. The motto reads: "Might and Main". The eagle falling represents the death of von Richthofen.

    After the war the squadron remained on the continent until February 1919, when it moved to Scopwick , where it disbanded on 24 June 1919.

    RB3D 209 Squadron History

    The 209 Online Squadron was formed in December of 1997. It was founded by Gweetar in late 1997. The RAF 209 squad was the first Allied Squad formed to fly in Red Baron versus the many forming Hun Squads. The main reason he chose the mighty 209 name was because in real history this was the squad that shot down the famous Ace "The Red Baron".

    History page information compiled by Rambler. A special Thanks to Blushark for his work and to the many other contributors such as Tommyboy, Droops and Gweetar.

    December 1997
    There are already many pilots out there in WON flying RB-2. They have been flying both allied and hun aircraft and are proficient in both types. They notice some pilots stick mostly to one side or the other. They also see that one hun crate has a FM that is superior to any allied crate, this being of course the DR-1. The scourge of the DR-1 begins. In Gweet's own Words how the 209 came about. Mater was the first to figure out how to out-turn the Dr1 with a Camel. This was integral in Gweetar's decision to start an allied squad. He proved that the Dr1 could be beat and was the first guy to be recruited! Another important factor was being declined membership into JG2 despite being on my best behavior and doing well in a flight test. My inspiration was partly out of revenge but it was mostly a desire to meet the challenge of defeating those damn Dr1's. In the end it made me a much better pilot as I studied tactics, the FM, and aerodynamics.

    Many insults are heard coming from the cockpits of these hun pilots. Gweetar, a superior pilot of both hun and allied crate, takes on the challenge. He forms a group of pilots to fight the scourge. This is the beginning of the 209th.
    Those pilots were:
    Gweetar (C.O.)
    Aces High

    The squad is now formed. It doesn't take them long to make their impact felt in the RB community. It was during this time frame that Mater came up the "milking technique" for the Camel. Generally no one could beat Gweetar, Jeffbell, Mater, and Pocky. They could shoot better and turn tighter than anyone (thanks JB). Even in later months I remember that the huns used to run when they saw one of these four.

    This group of 8/10 dedicated themselves to honorably put an end to the DR-1 scourge. They were successful! This group could rule the skies when they were on a server and they could do it honorably. Many pilots were witnesses to this turn of events at WON and wanted to join the RAF. Gweet and group of loosy-goosy (thanks Krusty) pilots now had a reputation to up hold. Not just any one would be allowed to join the RAF. The first step in becoming a member was to be asked to a few private flying sessions with one of the original 8/10. That member would then pass you off to another original member for some more private sessions. If you passed those then you were invited to fly against Gweetar. He was the only one who could admit you into the squad. His primary concern was attitude, with flying skills coming in a close second. In other words he wanted honorable pilots that could shoot him down when he gave them the chance. I remember many a RAF pilot shooting down Gweetar, myself included. He never let on that he was letting us do it. He never made it obvious either. Yep, Gweetar was a crafty C.O. that knew how to build up your flying skills and confidence, traits that Rippen would display when he joined.

    January 1998
    A new year brings in new pilots. The first pilot of the new year is, I believe, JohnBrown. He has finally passed the gaunlet of flying sessions and is welcomed in with open arms. Next comes a pilot that had been holding out on the outfit, Green Hornet (Hornet). As JB put it, he was gang pressed into service. Hornet was an equal to those four mentioned above and Gweetar was crafty (have I said that before?), couldn't have him flying against the RAF. Mater was appointed XO when he didnt show up to a meeting but resigned the following day. The future and first actual X.O. was the next pilot invited to join, Krusty. With in two weeks of joining Gweetar appointed him X.O. The month of January was a productive one for finding quality pilots for the RAF. We added 4 more that month; Casca, Slaythoven, Sven, and Direct for a total of 7 new pilots bringing the total up to 17. Along in here sometime Aces High decided to leave. This brought the total down to 16. It appears that this is the end of recruitment for some time to come. Remember that RB-2 was still young at the time which resulted in fewer pilots to choose from. Gweetar was VERY selective. The roster at this time looked like this:Gweetar (C.O.)
    Krusty (X.O.)

    April 1998
    Gweetar has refrained from inviting any more pilots to join the RAF for quite some time. The squadron reputation has continued to grow. The huns have organized a few squadrons as well as the allied side. While the huns continue to jeer at the RAF they also continue to fall out of the sky. All calls for a war have gone unanswered. The split between hun and allied pilot continues to grow. Many misgivings are now in place. Bad feelings between both sides are evident. Rumors of a war to start in order to settle these differences are spreading like wildfire. Another star pilot is detected out there in WON. He is watched closely by all and finally invited to those private flying sessions.
    Welcome aboard Shmngy.

    June 1998
    Capt. [Maj.] JohnBrown, during the RAF/JG1/WW War becomes the 1st RAF member to be Knighted.

    August 1998
    Tensions between the allied and hun forces is growing. More shots are being fired. The huns aren't sharing the beer anymore. More insults can be heard as we pass in the air. The huns are stealing the French women and wine. A war is on the horizon if they don't return the wine.
    We want to keep our German women so a trade there is out of the question.

    Gweetar is getting a little nervous after listening to all this war talk and recruits two more pilots, Droops and Blushark.

    September 1998
    Krusty sees that there is no way to avoid war with the huns. His sharp insight results in a mock war within the RAF to bring up the pilot skills in a hurry. Half the squad flies as the Flying Frogs of France while the other half fly as the Condor Legion.

    November 1998
    The RAF participates in the Big War in November of 1998 through February of 1999.

    January 1999
    Gaidin joins the RAF.

    February 1999
    Krusty becomes the 2nd Commanding Officer of the RAF 209 Squad. Droops becomes the 2nd Executive Officer. The RFC46 is incoporated into the RAF 209. Members included:
    Chumley(joecamel), BVCrazed(skelter), Hawker, Iceman, Jackstraw(Guzzler), Magpie and Rambler.
    Murunga becomes the 4th Squad ADJ.

    April 1999
    Lt. Shmngy, during the RAF/JG2 Great War on April 17 becomes the 1st RAF member to recieve the Vicotria Cross.

    October 1999
    The RAF enters the "Sensei Style" War in October and November of 1999. The RAF 209 wins its first victory in an organized war.

    January 2000
    Chumley becomes the 3rd Executive Officer of the Squad. Blackadder, Ingy and Billyyank join the RAF 209.

    February 2000
    Chumley becomes the 3rd Commanding Officer of the RAF 209 Squadron.

    March 2000
    Murunga becomes the 4th Executive Officer for the Squad. Rambler becomes the 5th Squad ADJ.RBWL is started. A great event and format for a war between various squadrons.

    June 2000
    Spuds and Lou join the RAF 209.

    August 2000
    Beerthirty and Wolf join the squad, They are father and son. Slicer joins the RAF 209 making the move from the darkside.

    Summer 2000
    RAF loses in the playoff game to PJ666's after the RAF wins 18 games and only lose 1 game in the regular season. The RAF have the best overall win loss record in the tournament.

    Fall 2000
    RAF Wins the Warforces Tournament. We Fly with 4 other allied teams and defeat 4 German squads competing in a progression type war.

    January 2001
    Murunga becomes the 4th Commanding Officer of the RAF 209 Squad. Rambler becomes the 5th Executive Officer. Tommyboy becomes the 5th Squadron ADJ.

    February 2001
    Pepe joins the RAF 209.

    May 2001
    Droops becomes the first Clerk of Commendations for the Squad.

    September 2001
    RAF 209 wins the RBWL 2 Tournament. The RAF had the best record of RBWL 2 years in a row with record of 20 wins with 2 losses in the regular season. We then Won the playoff Match versus the RAC.

    October 2001
    Rambler becomes the 5th Commanding Officer of the RAF 209 Squadron. Pepe becomes the 6th Executive Officer.RAF 209 enters into War with the RAC. The Oh What a Lovely War Campaign. It is a 8 week progression type war with differnet scenarios for each week.

    November 2001
    Bandy and Darkskies join the RAF 209.

    December 2001
    Beerthirty becomes the 1st Squadron Operations Officer. Bojan, Kichu, Fester, Flapjack, Lee Motley and AlCapp join the RAF.

    January 2002
    The RAF 209 pilot numbers increase to over 40 pilots for the first time. The Roster Looks like like this as of Dec. 2001.
    HQ Staff
    Maj. Rambler CO
    Capt. Spuds XO
    Maj. Tommyboy ADJ
    Scout Group
    Maj. Shmngy SGL
    Lt. Blackadder ASGL
    Maj. JohnBrown
    Lt. Col Droops COC
    Capt. BVCrazed
    Fighter Group
    Flight A
    Capt. Wolf77 FGL
    Lt. Beerthirty OPS
    Capt. Gaidin
    Capt. Green Hornet
    Capt. Mater
    2nd Lt. Bandy
    2nd Lt. Fester
    REC Lee Motley
    Flight B
    Lt. Braincase AFGL
    Lt. RedDog
    Lt. Redrum
    Maj. Rippen
    2nd Lt. Voyager
    2nd Lt. Darkskies
    2nd Lt. FlapJack
    Lt. Sopwyth
    Flight C
    Lt. Deadeye
    Lt. Col. Chumley
    Lt. Sundancer
    2nd Lt. Billy Yank
    Lt. Ingy
    2nd Lt._Bojan
    2nd Lt. Kichu
    2nd Lt. Badger
    Bomber Elite
    Flight A
    Lt. Slicer BGL
    2nd Lt. Lurch
    Lt Spanky
    Lt. Col. Murunga
    Flight B
    Lt. Cobaltblue ABGL
    2nd Lt. Al Cap
    Lt. Irish Lou
    Lt. Re'bec
    Flight C
    Maj. Blushark
    Lt. IceMan
    Capt. Uplander
    2nd Lt. TC Sniper

    January 2002
    Spuds becomes the 7th Executive Officer. The RAF 209 Earns a Victory in "Oh What A Lovely War" versus the RAC squad. It was a well fought and honorable war on both sides.

    February 2002
    The RAF 209 gets access to its first server. RAF/PJ666 form a mutual partnership for the purchase and maintainance of a server. This will alllow RAF to host major wars in the near future.

    March 2002
    After lots and lots of discussions the RBWL season 3 begins. 24 Red Baron squads join the event. The Event looks to be a main staple of the Red Baron Community. Many pilots put in an outstanding effort to make sure the event takes place.

    April 2002
    The RAF institutes an updated medals page. Droops acting COC has done an exceptinal job in maintiang accuracy and adding new medals for service and duty.
    RAF Ink and RAF tiger join the 209.

    May 2002
    RAF El Guapo joins the RAF.

    August 2002
    RAF 209 finishes in the Allied 1st place in the regular season RBWL. Now on to the playoffs..

    September 2002
    RAF 209 beats the LE/US103rd in the divisional playoff game.
    RAF 209 advances to Championship game for the 3rd straight year.

    Current Active Roster Looks like this.
    Maj. Rambler CO
    Maj. Spuds XO
    Maj. Tommyboy ADJ
    Capt. Beerthirty Ops
    Maj. Shmngy
    Lt. Blackadder
    Maj. JohnBrown
    Lt. Col Droops
    Capt. BVCrazed
    Lt. Darkskies
    Capt. Wolf77
    Capt. Gaidin
    Capt. Green Hornet
    Lt. Bandy
    2nd Lt. Killa187
    Capt. Braincase
    Lt. RedDog
    Lt. Redrum
    2nd Lt. FlapJack
    Lt. Col. Chumley
    2nd Lt. Billy Yank
    Lt. Ingy
    2nd Lt. Kichu
    2nd Lt. Cherokee
    Capt. Slicer
    Capt. Spanky
    2nd Lt. El Guapo
    Lt. Cobalt Blue
    Lt. Col. Murunga
    Lt. InkMonkey
    Capt. Uplander
    Lt. Re'bec
    Lt. Tiger

    Recruit NoOne of Imp. joins the RAF

    October 2002
    "RAF wins the Allied Divisional title for the third year in a row. JG13/JGS4/REBS win the RBWL Cup.
    Warforces 2002 begins.
    RAF recruits several members, these include: Horntoad, MidnightMike, and E.
    Capt. Cobalt appointed BGL. Tiger appointed ACoC.

    November 2002
    Soultaker and Merlin join the RAF.
    Rebec appointed ABGL.

    December 2002
    Warforces 2002 is started. Do to the overwhelming response we have to increase the event to be able to allow all sqauds interested in joining to participate.

    January 2003
    RAF Goes undefeated in the Warforces event beating its opponents by an unparalleled average score of 116.7.The Allieds lost to the central powers by a difference of 193 points. Huns: 10973. Allies: 10780.
    Rhino Joins the RAF.

    February 2003
    RAF has a freindly match of 3 OWLW scenarios vs RAC. RAF Beerthirty becomes the new adjutant. RAF Cobalt appointed new OPs officer. Rebec appointed new BGL.

    March 2003
    Monkey Island Tournament starts. RAF enters 3 teams.RAF_Wolf is appointed the new Ops Officer. RAF_Bandy appointed the new recruitment officer.

    April 2003
    Hawk, Victor and Lutz join the RAF. Braincase appointed new FGL. RBWL 4 begins after many set backs. RAF paints completed. RAF now has 4 sets for allied and Central planes 137- 140. Many thanks to Cherokee, Spuds, Wolf, Rambler and of course Flybert.

    May 2003
    RAF_Chumley and RAF_Rambler awarded the Volunteer Long Service Medal - for participation in 15 ribboned events. This is the first instance that this medal has been awarded in the squadron's history.
    RAF fights against the JG2 again, for the first time in many years during a RBWL Match.

    June 2003
    Capt Pepe appointed as a RAF training Officer.

    July 2003
    Irish Joins the RAF Squad.

    August 2003
    Lt. Col. Droops retires from the RAF after a glorious and prestigous career. Lt. Col. Droops is to be commended for his outstanding devotion to the squad and is will always be remembered. He was an integral part of the squad and some of his duties included: Executive Officer, Flight Group Leader, Tactical Planning, Clerk of Commendations and Defensive group leader. He was credited with devising and implementing the RAF 209 awards system as well as contributing to the RAF 209's growth and it's achievements.
    Tiger appointed as Clerk of Commendations.
    FallenAngel and Sidekick join the RAF Squad.

    September 2003
    Rhinbeck gathering.

    October 2003
    RAF 209 welcomes Bishop to the squad.
    RAF finishes the regular season of RBWL4 with 17 wins and 5 losses.
    RAF 209 squad enter the Flanders in Flames tournament.

    November 2003
    RAF wins against the RAC in the 1st round of RBWL4 playoffs but then loses againt the LE in the semi finals match. MI tournament starting up.RAF Rambler steps down as the the squads 5th Commanding Officer. He served for over 2 years as CO of the 209 squad.
    Maj. Spuds becomes the 6th CO of the RAF 209 squad. Maj. Wolf becomes the 8th Executive Officer and Gaidin is appointed as the operations officer.

    December 2003
    Warforces 3 begins. Rambler appointed ACOC. Pepe appointed as Squad Training Officer.Spanky appointed ABGL. Patrick and Beagle joins the RAF.

    January 2004

    Shmngy earns the Volunteer Long Service Medal - for participation in fifteen wars. Shmngy becomes only the 3rd member of the RAF 209 to recieve this award. RAF Rodman joins the squad. RAF Jr. Scottyboy joins the squad.

    February 2004

    RAF Iceman returns to active duty after a 2 year leave.

    March 2004

    RAF 209 and other Allied teams are victorious in Warforces 3 event. The RAF209 is the highest scoring allied team. RAF209.net is formed, many thanks to Chumley and Tiger for their hardwork.
    The annual Monkey Island Tournament begins. The 209 enters two Teams.
    The Volunteer Long Service Medal is awarded to Col. Murunga, Major Tommyboy and Capt. Baron Von Crazed, for participation in 15 Wars in which a ribbon was awarded.

    April 2004

    Flanders in Flames 9 begins, RAF and RAC team up and have thier own sector. The first major particpation in the event by the RAF squad.

    May 2004

    Major Pepe Lepeu and Captain Spanky were elevated to the rank of Knight Commander of the British Empire for their deeds and efforts in War Forces III and have earned the right to place "Sir" in front of their names.

    June 2004

    RAF_Darkstar joins the 209 squadron RAF
    RAF_Gromet joins the 209 squadron RAF
    RAF_Hopper joins the 209 squadron RAF

    July 2004

    The 209 Squadron RAF Active roster looks like this;

    Lt. Col. Spuds CO
    Maj. Wolf XO
    Maj. Beerthirty ADJ
    Maj. Gaidin OPs

    Scout Group
    Maj. Shmngy
    Maj. JohnBrown
    Capt. BVCrazed
    Lt. Darkskies

    Fighter Group
    Maj. Braincase
    Capt. Bandy
    Lt. FlapJack
    Lt. Col. Rambler
    Lt. FallenAngel
    Lt. Lutzman
    Lt. Hawk
    Lt. Merlin
    Lt. Bishop
    Lt. Beagle
    Lt. Rodman
    2Lt. Gromet
    2Lt. Hopper
    WO Harpo
    WO Crash

    Bomber Group
    Capt. Re'bec
    Maj. Tommyboy
    Capt. Tiger
    Lt. Rhino
    Col. Murunga
    Capt. Cobalt Blue
    Capt. Spanky

    August 2004

    The RAF/RAC Team and the Allies are victorious in Flanders in Flames IX

    September 2004

    The 209 squadron RAF meets at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in Rhinebeck New York on Labor Day weekend for the RAF reunion. There were 14 members in attendance.
    RAF_Harpo joins the 209 squadron RAF
    RAF_Crash joins the 209 squadron RAF
    RBWL 5 has concluded. The 209 squadron RAF finishes in 2nd place
    The 209 squadron RAF "Cadet Cadre" is formed

    November 2004

    RAF_Beerthirty becomes the 7th Commanding Officer of No.209 squadron, RAF
    RAF_Gaidin becomes the 9th Executive Officer of the No.209 squadron, RAF
    RAF_CobaltBlue becomes the 3rd Adjutant of the No.209 squadron, RAF
    RAF_Rodman becomes the 2nd Operations Officer of the No.209 squadron, RAF


    RAF_Louvert joins the No.209 squadron, RAF
    RAF_Houndawg joins the No.209 squadron, RAF

    January 2005

    RAF_Moses joins the No.209 squadron, RAF

    March 2005

    RAF_Louvert is appointed Assistant Clerk of Commendations
    RAF_Gromet is appointed Assistant Recruiting Officer
    In War Forces IV the No.209 squadron, RAF is undeafeated and emerges victorious. This represents the first time that the No.209 squadron flew a major event as the Hun.

    April 2005

    RAF_Viperx joins the No.209 squadron, RAF
    RAF_Martyn joins the No.209 squadron, RAF as a Cadet
    RAF_Bishop is appointed Fighter Group Leader
    New Forum for the 209 opened on Chumley's server

    May 2005

    RAF_Hopper rejoins the No. 209 squadron, RAF
    RAF_Stefano joins the No. 209 squadron, RAF
    RAF_Venom joins the No. 209 squadron, RAF
    RAF_TIG joins the No. 209 squadron, RAF
    RAF_Cazza joines the No 209 squadron, RAF as a Cadet. She is 8 years old and lives in England.
    RAF_Louvert becomes the 3rd Clerk of Commendations
    RAF_Viperx and RAF_Hopper are appointed Assistant CoC's
    Due to Chumley's resignation, the 209 loses the use of his server.
    The Squadron website is relocated to a new web host and new Forums are established.
    RAF_Louvert is designated Webman and Forum Administrator

    The 209 Squadron RAF active roster looks like this:

    Lt. Col. Beerthirty CO
    Maj. Gaidin XO
    Maj. Cobalt Blue ADJ
    Capt. Rodman OpsO

    Scout Group
    Maj. Shmngy
    Maj. Wolf
    Lt. Gromet

    Fighter Group
    Maj. Bandy
    Capt. Bishop
    Lt. Lutzman
    Capt. HaWk99
    2nd Lt. Viperx
    Lt. Hopper
    2nd Lt. Martyn
    WO Stefano
    WO Venom
    WO TIG

    Bomber Elite
    Maj. Re'bec
    Capt. Rhino
    Col. Murunga
    Capt. Spanky
    Lt. Houndawg
    Lt. Louvert
    2Lt. Moses

    Cadet Cadre

    June 2005

    RAF_Giese joins the No. 209 squadron, RAF
    RAF_Bomberman joins the No. 209 squadron, RAF
    RAF_Murunga, RAF_Beerthirty, and RAF_Cobalt Blue appointed Forum Administrators/Moderators.
    RBWL6 season begins, with the 209 flying as a single squad to form Team 1.
    The Squad has a new War Room providing many updated features.
    The Site Homepage has been altered to provide music, flags to denote member nationality, and pictures of 209 Squadron Sopwith Camels.

    July 2005

    RAF_Doughboy joins the No. 209 squadron, RAF
    RAF_Bkdraft joins the No. 209 squadron, RAF
    The active status Pilot Pages have undergone renovation, the Squadron Library receives a new mainpage, and we have an updated and improved Commendation Ribbon.
    RAF Stories features new main page with music; also new volumes, stories, and prose added.

    August 2005

    RAF_Peacemaker joins the No. 209 squadron, RAF
    RAF_Viperx assumes position of Squadron Training Officer.
    RAF_Rhino is appointed 209 Squadron Team Representative for War Forces 5.
    The French Croix de Guerre added to the Squadron's list of earnable Medals.

    September 2005

    RAF_Viperx assumes position of Squadron Training Officer.
    A new Pilot Uniform Panel is added to the Pilot Pages to enhance each pilot's display of awards, rank, and assigned duties.
    The Squadron Recruiting Officers step up efforts to fill the ranks.

    October 2005

    RAF_Recoome joins the No. 209 squadron, RAF
    RAF_Lethal joins the No. 209 squadron, RAF
    RAF_Neobaron joins the No. 209 squadron, RAF
    RAF_Peacemaker assumes position of Assistant Clerk of Commendations.
    The 209 Squadron finishes the regular season of RBWL6.
    RAF_Louvert is appointed Allied FM for War Forces 5.
    RAF_Beerthirty announces his retirement as CO.
    Nominations and election are held to determine who will become the new Commanding Officer; RAF_Viperx wins election.

    November 2005

    RAF_Beerthirty retires from the CO Position on 1 November.
    RAF_Viperx assumes command of the 209 Squadron on 1 November.
    RAF_Viperx appoints his new HQ: RAF_Doughboy XO, RAF_Venom ADJ, RAF_Rhino OPsO
    RAF_Bomberman assumes position of Squadron Training Officer.
    RAF_Slicer comes out of retirement and takes his place on the Active Roster.

    December 2005

    The 209 Squadron RAF active roster looks like this:

    Capt. Viperx CO
    Lt. Doughboy XO
    Lt. Venom ADJ
    Capt. Rhino OpsO

    Scout Group
    Lt. Darkskies
    2nd Lt. Peacemaker

    Fighter Group
    Maj. Bishop
    Lt. Col. Bandy
    Lt. TIG
    2nd Lt. Stefano
    2nd Lt. Giese
    2nd Lt. Bkdraft
    2nd Lt. Lethal
    2nd Lt. Neobaron
    WO Recoome

    Bomber Elite
    Maj. Re'bec
    Col. Murunga
    Lt. Col. Beerthirty
    Capt. Slicer
    Capt. Louvert
    2nd Lt. Moses
    2nd Lt. Bomberman

    Cadet Cadre

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