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Standard Operating Procedures

209th Royal Armoured Force


1 May 2015


The following Standard Operating Procedures are hereby adopted.


1 The primary mission of the 209th RAF is the betterment of the members.


This mission can be advanced in one of several ways:

1.1          Earning of game gold via participation in skirmishes organized by Battalion Staff

1.2          Gaining benefits for all Battalion members via earning resources in Stronghold battles.

1.3          Comradery and friendship developed via platooning with Battalion members

1.4          Comradery and friendship developed via Stronghold battles with Battalion members


2 Chain of Command


2.1          Battalion Commander: Lieutenant Colonel Bladerun

              Executive Officer:        Major Gunnarr


2.1.1       S1 Administration: Currently Empty   Oversees the Battalion forums and website   Keeps track of promotions   Writes correspondence for the Battalion   Maintains the personnel roster.



2.1.2       S2 Training:        Major JN611   Organizes Battalion training sessions per the Commander’s instructions   Ensures all Battalion members have a basic understanding of the following:    Sidescraping    Angling    Hull Down    View Range    Camouflage



2.1.3       S3 Operations:     Major Ferdwer   Organizes Skirmish opportunities for Battalion members



3 Ranks


3.1        Commander: Lt Col (WG Commander)

3.2        Executive Officer (WG Executive Officer)

3.3        Staff Officers:

3.3.1      S1 Major (WG Executive Officer)

3.3.2      S2 Major (WG Executive Officer)

3.3.3      S3 Major (WG Executive Officer)

3.4        Recruitment Oficer (WG Recruitment Officer)

3.5        Battalion Battle Tankers: SSG (WG Private)

3.6        New Members: SGT (WG Recruit)




4 Promotions


4.1        Members seeking promotion above SSG are evaluated on the following:

4.1.1      Command and control skills

4.1.2      Interpersonal communication skills

4.1.3      Tactics.

4.1.4      Crisis management.

4.1.5      Participation in Battalion functions (Strongholds & Skirmishes)

4.2 No member will be promoted to SSG without being registered for the Battalion Forums and having Teamspeak installed. (Exceptions can be made on rare occasions.)

4.3          No member will be promoted to SSG prior to their 61st day of membership.

4.4          Promotion above 1SG are made by the Battalion Commander. Other promotions are made by the Company Commanders, with input from Staff Officers.

4.5          Staff Officers, Executive Officer, and Commanding Officer must be 18 years of age.


5 Recruiting


5.1        Members are encouraged to recruit new members to the Battalion

5.1.1       Members are prohibited from ‘spamming’ public battles to recruit. Spam reflects poorly on the Battalion.

5.1.2       Members will platoon with a candidate recruit for a minimum of 5 battles to evaluate their suitability for Battalion membership prior to recommending them for invitation to the clan.

5.1.3       Recruits will be referred to one of the Company Commanders, or Staff Officers, for official invitation to the Battalion.

5.1.4    Recruits will be probationary for 60 days, after which time, an offer of permanent membership can be considered.


6 Participation in Clan Activities


6.1          Participation in Strongholds and Tournament battles, being the primary method of making Clan progress, is required of all active duty Battalion Members.

6.2      Participation levels of 50% over 3 months is required to be considered for promotions

6.3    Participation levels of less than 10%, without an approved Leave of Absence (LOA) shall result in a meeting with the Company and Battalion Commander to discuss disciplinary action.


7 Reserve Status


7.1          Members who have 365 days time in service may request temporary or permanent assignment to the 209th Reserve.

7.1.1      Reserve members are exempt from participation requirements

7.1.2      Reserve members are exempt from Teamspeak requirements.

7.2          For the purposes of this Article, time in service shall be measured based on membership date as listed on the clan website.


8 Retired Status


8.1        Those members who joined the clan after 1-Jan-2014, after having gone into an inactive status for 6 months, shall be considered retired, with all benefits and honors appropriate for such status.

8.2        Those members who joined the clan prior to 1-Jan-2014, and are inactive on 1-May-2015, shall be considered retired, with all benefits and honors appropriate for such status.

8.3        Retired members are automatically granted reserve status, and may come out of retirement at any time. Leaving retired status, a member shall continue to be considered reserve until they have 30 days active, at which time their status shall be reviewed by the Staff and CO.


9 Desertion


9.1       Members who voluntarily leave the clan, without notice, shall be considered deserters.

9.1.1     Members who have deserted the clan may rejoin within 24 hours, after counseling with the Battalion Commander. Members shall be reinstated no less than one rank lower than the rank they held at the time of desertion.

9.1.2     Members who have deserted, and allowed more than 24 hours but less than 7 days to pass, shall be eligible to rejoin the clan after counselling with the Battalion Commander and two members of the Battalion Staff.

9.1.3     Members who desert twice shall not be eligible to rejoin the clan without receiving a yes vote of 2/3 of active members. Said voting to be posted on the Clan forums for 7 full days.

9.1.4     Members who have not returned to the clan after 7 days shall have to reapply, and said application shall require approval by 2/3 of the Staff officers as well as either the Battalion Commander or the Battalion XO.


10 Leave of Absence


10.1        While member participation is a vital aspect of Battalion life, we all have real lives that take us away from the Battalion from time to time.

10.2       Notice needs to be given for absences of more than 7 days.

10.3       Absences of 7 days or less shall be considered a pass.

10.4       Absences of 7 to 60 days shall be considered a Leave of Absence.

10.5        Absences of 61 days or more have a large impact on the Battalion, and as such, may impact a tankers’ status.

10.6        A tanker absent for more than 7 days, without prior notice, shall be considered AWOL (absent without leave) and shall be held in reserve status for 60 days. After 61 days AWOL, a tanker shall be considered a deserter of more than 7 days, and removed from Battalion roles. Upon return, the AWOL tanker is welcome to discuss the reason for the AWOL with the Battalion Commander who has the authority to reinstate AWOL tankers with no penalty.

10.7        Notice can be given on the Battalion Forums, verbally to your Company Commander, or verbally to one of the Staff Officers. Notice on the Forums is the preferred method, as we all have memory lapses.


11 Grievance Resolution


11.1        Issues between members are to be resolved between the members involved.

11.2        If an issue cannot be resolved between members, the issue shall be taken to either the Executive Officer or the Battalion Commander.

11.3        Issues between members shall NOT be brought into clan chat. We are all adults, and shall act as such. Petty arguments brought into clan chat will be grounds for disciplinary action.


12 Removal of Commander

12.1    Any member can submit, via a poll post, a petition for a “Vote of No Confidence in the Commander”.

    12.1.1    Said post shall list reasoning for removing the Commander

    12.1.2    The poll shall remain open for a minimum of 15 days, and a maximum of 30 days

    12.1.3    If 30% of the active members (active defined as more than 15 battles in WoT in the 30 days prior to the date of the posting of the poll) vote in the affirmative, the Battalion Admin Officer shall make a poll post for a Vote of No Confidence.

12.2    If a Vote of No Confidence is called, the Battalion Admin Officer shall make a poll post to remain open for 30 days. At the end of the Poll, if 65% of the voting members have voted no confidence in the Commander, there shall be open elections for Commander.